Working out with the jocks!

So yesterday I was raving at work about all the changes I plan to make this year and in doing so I caught the attention of a colleague. She’s absolutely adorable! tiny little blonde, green eyes, size 0 sweetest person you’ll ever meet! She offers to pick me up this morning and head to the gym so spouting my game I obviously can’t say no! She picks me up at 6:45 am with a mutual friend of our (also in very good shape) and we head to the gym. We arrive at the gym with the intention to try Zumba, low and behold I’m an idiot and got the time wrong! So we head to the ever dreaded TREADMILL! DUN DUN DUUN!!!

These girl step on the rotating belt of death and they look like some thing out of a fitness ad. They run gracefully mimicking the fluidity of a gazelle. I attempt to ignore them ,I am no where near running shape I will in no way keep up with them. I start to tromp of the conveyer belt of doom walking at a brisk pace after a few minutes I decide to speed up a bit I jog for a little Over a minute and start wheezing! The girls are paying me no mind they are off in there zone which I greatly appreciate. I sneak away to the locker room and cry.

I felt so defeated. When did i let this happen to me? I have a heavy martial arts background I’ve been in shape. I use to run around and squat and jump and spar like there was no tomorrow I don’t remember ever being tired. Today sucked.

I cleaned my self up went back out there with a smile on my face and hit the treadmill again. I lasted maybe 4 minutes….and was done. I suck it up and hit the elliptical. 2.5 min and I’m done… what. The girls are still running effortlessly. I go back to the locker room and throw up.


By the time I come out the girls are ready to stretch and work on abs 20 minutes later I’m on my way home thank god!

The girls were great. Very sweet very supportive and didn’t once act like I was slowing them down.

I still felt like a failure. Now that I’m home I proud of what I was able to do. I’m thinking more clearly and I’m less loathing. 208 lbs 5’4 and former smoker I think I did ok. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be better. I’ve never been thin but I have been in shape so that’s my goal. Get back into shape.

How are your work outs going? Are any if struggling like I am?

Have you been working out with any one in far superior shape? How does it make you feel?

With all the love I have,


Ps the 1st photo below is the photo I didn’t post yesterday. Me now.

The 2nd and 3rd (my goal) are where I want to be again!





4 thoughts on “Working out with the jocks!

  1. It’s always important that anything we do is going to be better than what we weren’t doing. Your day seemed bad at the time, but even as you feel better about it now, months down the line you’ll be grateful you didn’t completely fold and throw your arms up! I’m proud of you! I’ll be following you 🙂

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